iDragPaper World Cup 2010 — chance to win JO'BULANI, FOOTBALL JERSEY, iTunes Gift Card & VUVUZELA

Play iDragPaper to win World Cup Fan Kit , iTunes Gift Card and promo code of “Finger Balance”! 


To celeberate the new update of iDragPaper we’ll give away Jo’bulani, Football Jersey, iTunes Gift Cards, Vuvuzelas and a lot of promo codes. 

Updated: The Vuvuzela winners: 

iDragPaper World Cup 2010 Vuvuzela Winner 27.06 

06.27 Jonnyboy231 00’12.74”  from England 

06.28 appspy 00’16.26” 

Vuvuzela winner of 06.29 

06.29 mikcsa 00’12’22” from Hungary 

06.30 RStark 00’14.57” 

07.03 Wes@aus 00’10.53” 

07.04 numbersix-06 00‘12.60 

07.05 badboi13 00’13.11” 

07.06 bblgamerkid 00’12.81” 

07.07 Judrd 00’10.47” 

07.08 iamdjk 00’13.22” 

The Top 10 Players at Present 

1. iamdjk 00’08.21″
2. Wes@aus 00’10.38″
3. Jurdrd 00’10.47″
4. numbersix-06 00’12.05”
5. mikcsa 00’12.06″
6. RStark 00’12.45”
7. Jonnyboy231 00’12.74″
8. badboi13 00’12.81” & xragdollx 00’12.81”
10. bbllgamerkid 00’13.11”



– sign up: leave your iDragPaper online leader board ID (how to find your id?) and email address as a comment here 

– keep playing iDragPaper paid version in ADVANCED MODE 

Sarts anytime from NOW on and ends just at the moment when the World Cup is over(when the final whistle of World Cup final match is blown:) ) 


1. A FOOTBALL JERSEY!!! of the champion team of World Cup 2010 with a JO’BULANI FOOTBALL!!! (the match ball of World Cup 2010 final match) only for the final winner. 

2. $25 iTunes GIFT CARD for the 2nd place. 

3. $15 iTunes GIFT CARD for the 3rd place. 

4. A promo code of FINGER BALANCE (for all the top ten players!) 

5. A VUVUZELA for whom is the fastest of the day ( before everyday 0:00 New York Time GMT-4:00 ) One person can get this prize only once! 



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  • Jo

    awesome sick nasty I can’t wait

    • coconutislandstudio

      hurry up! sign u up for the world cup!

  • Doug

    Go Paraguay

    • coconutislandstudio


  • mikcsa

    sign up for a promo code?

    • coconutislandstudio

      yeah! besides that u can join this competition. U will have chance to win VUVUZELA, FOOTBALL JERSEY and JO’BULANI.

  • Taylor courtney

    Usa USA!

    • coconutislandstudio

      hey! why dont u take part in this competition. I can give u a promo code of idragpaper paid version!

  • Rick starkey

    I don’t know where to find my leaderboard ID since I don’t have the full version and I would like to gve this a shot.

    • coconutislandstudio

      Check your mail box!

  • http://263532894 Taylor courtney

    USA rocks ps does website under comment mean your I’d because that’s where I put it

    • coconutislandstudio

      your id is USA?

      • http://263532894 Taylor courtney

        No I put my actual I’d under website in comment is tjat where it’s supposed to be

  • John keep

    Please send me the promo code also!

    • coconutislandstudio

      Well, I give code only to the person who wanna join this competition. Will you?

  • Martial
    • coconutislandstudio

      I haven’t found your score in iDragPaper online leader board. Do you have the paid version of iDragPaper?

  • Rachel

    Leave me the promo code please!

    • coconutislandstudio

      Join in the contest and you will get a promo code.

  • Kallista Bird


    • coconutislandstudio

      I haven’t found your score in iDragPaper online leader board. Do you have the paid version of iDragPaper?

  • Stern

    This is so cool I am going to practice

    • coconutislandstudio

      Cool! Leave your ID in iDragPaper online leader board so that I can sign you up!

  • http://... Kallie

    It was a cool game

    • coconutislandstudio

      Do u wanna join in this contest?

  • Albert372


  • Albert372


  • Albert372


  • Luna

    I’d like to join this competition, but I’m not sure where to get an iTunes card to get the full version of this app? Is there any other way I can join the competition?

  • http://Facebook Benjamin

    Come on Sheffield Wednesday!

  • Beth bird


    • Wen Chen


      I can’t find your score in iDragPaper Advanced Mode online leaderboard. Have you the iDragPaper paid version installed?



  • Austin

    Bbllgamerkid is my name

    • coconutislandstudio

      ok, i signed u up!

      • Austin


      • Austin

        Can u relook at my hs?

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  • DJ

    Hi! I can’t get into the community section of the app. It says I have no Internet connection when I clearly have full wifi. Help!

    • coconutislandstudio

      It’s weird. I’ll let our engineer contact you later.

    • coconutislandstudio is our support email. Can you send a description to us? We can find out what’s wrong with the app. Thanks.

      • DJ

        Done! :)

      • iamdjk

        Please check my new score!

  • Rachel

    ID: xragdollx

    • coconutislandstudio

      I signed u up!

  • James Sullivan Oliver Pecan Pistachio Surprise

    If the contest is still on, I’d like to join, good sir.

    • coconutislandstudio

      could u leave your ID in the iDragPaper global leader board?

  • DJ

    I’ll join into the competition. My score should be there!!! :)

    • DJ

      Oh, yeah! My I.D. is iamdjk.

  • iamdjk

    Game’s not over and neither am I! Just got a new high score that puts me in first here and #6 worldwide!!! Check it out!!!!!!

  • iamdjk

    Spain wins!!!

  • DJ


    • coconutislandstudio

      Great Score! You’re the champion of the iDragPaper World Cup 2010!

      • iamdjk

        Wooo! :)

  • iamdjk

    So, when do we get the codes?

    • coconutislandstudio

      in late July or August because the Finger Balance will be launched then.

  • iamdjk

    Sounds good! (I’m exited…)

  • yurgenshlof

    My friend got under 2.5 seconds. I actually think the time was 1.81 seconds.

  • coconutislandstudio

    I saw your score!