Some news

Band Band Jump is picked in “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s hot” games by Apple!!
Oh, what a big Christmas gift! Thank you apple. :-)
Maybe they liked the new icon.
Picture 3

iDragPaper FREE was downloaded over 10,000 times in last 4 days.
It ranked #12 in USA free kids game and family game!
It ranked #4 in Japanese free kids game and #5 in family game!
It ranked #12 in UK free kids game and #14 in family game!
Everyone should try this game, it’s FREE!
FlowPainter — a software made by our talented engineer Ye Feng.
Simulated the flow, and you can doodle an painting in the flow.
It’s in review and is completely FREE! too.
FlowPainter_03.png FlowPainter_01.png
The last news is a bad news… the review process of another casual mini game 10Sec. is delayed by apple, I don’t know why. Maybe Jobs is addicted to this game and play it everyday…
So I think every player will like the game. It’s also simple but fun, this is the screenshot:IMG_0007_20091216151137.png

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