Game Fun at Shanghai GamJam

For 24 hours, over the weekend of Oct 17-18th, a group of 91 indie game designers, developers and artists came together for the intensive Shanghai GamJam. As the core organizer of Shanghai GamJam, we’re so glad to see so many indie game lovers taking part in this year’s session, no matter they are amateurs or professionals. It’s the forth year, of course we’d like to see more, not just the increase in the number of the participants. Fortunately, it turned out to be really fun and incredible. 28 creative teams were formed and nearly 30 games were finished in the end. That’s the scene we’d always dreamed to create in the industry in China.

Anyway, the theme of this year is “We make our choices, then our choices make us”. It sounds a little bit tricky. But we think it’s not gonna be the biggest problem for the Jammers. What made this year’s Jam so difficult and challenging was the time. Not 48 hours as usual, but 24 hours. So we’re honored to be the witnesses of the 28 mad games made by these bunch of mad people. And we’re totally moved by the enthusiastic atmosphere in the entire 24 hours. The result is beyond amazing.

And also, we would like to thank all the people who were there with us this year for making all those great games. Indie games won’t be so cool without you guys. Hopefully next year we’ll see more talented people here to design and prototype innovative game ideas.

Check out this year’s games:

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We have launched Naughty Kitties in China as an Xbox One exclusive

Microsoft has officially released the Xbox One in China, marking the first time that a major video game console has gone on sale in China after a 14-year ban. Our game Naughty Kitties hit Xbox One China as an exclusive. As the sole Chinese indie game developer we’re really honored and we believe it’s the result of our tireless efforts for months. Compared with the iOS version, “Versus mode” is added to the console version. We hope to bring more laughter when playing our game in your living room.

Link: (download only in China)


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We’re among the Qi finest games publishers of February 2014

Thanks to Naughty Kitties’ successful launch, we’re picked by Quality Index as one of the finest iPhone & iPad games publishers of Feb. 2014. Big thanks to everyone who make this happen!
P.S. We got a super cool badge from QI ①ω①

Qi Badge

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Naughty Kitties is online!

We’re thrilled to announce that Naughty Kitties is launched on iOS! It’s featured by Apple in different countries and you can get it here! It’s a game containing elements of endless-runner and tower-defence while having super simple controls at the same time. It’s just a game for everyone =^.^=

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Hot Hot ChinaJoy

In the hottest July in Shanghai’s history, ChinaJoy, the largest game exhibition in China, just wound down. We met with lots of friends there and got to know more about the Chinese mobile game market which is really different than the westerns’. Every thinks China will become the largest mobile market in the near future and we’ll witness this great moment and make contribution to it with our cool games.

P.S. A lovely gift from a natural motion guy^_^

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Android version of One Tap Hero released!

There’s exciting news for Android users: now you can play One Tap Hero also on your Android devices! Get it here:

Get it on Google Play

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We’re one of the top 10 best one-button games on iPhone

Breaking news!
PocketGamer just chose One Tap Hero as one of the top 10 best one-button games on iPhone
Thanks PocketGamer! We are proud of that.
Making mobile games’ control simple is our philosophy, we believe there are a large amount of non-gamers, casual gamers and mid-core gamers on mobile like game with simple control. They will changed the game market a lot!
We will keep going!

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Trip to San Francisco

Thanks for the Chartboost University program, Paul(Lead programmer of us) and me (Wesley) took a 20 days trip to San Francisco last month. It’s an amazing trip. We learned a lot in CBU and opened our eyes. If you take a look of the schedule you will understand what I mean.

We visited Kabam, Gree, PoecketGem, Sequoia Capital on Sand Hill Road and worked in Chartboost’s office for ten days.
Chartboost is a very developer-friendly company, they take care of the small developers, I believe they will definitely get benefit from this attitude in the near future.

Our game Finger Balance is on the taxi in San Francisco, it’s a big surprise. Thanks for Chartboost, again.

After CBU, we attended GDC, it’s my second time to GDC but it’s still exciting, I met a lot of old friends.

Justin looks like a super star on the IGF show :-) and FTL even get some awards from the developer’s choice award, that’s great! Congratulations to you, Justin!

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One Tap Hero on Ouya!


The Ouya version of One Tap Hero released last week. As an early backer pledged $600, we get the developer version console, so that we can work on the Ouya version a little bit earlier. Develop games for Ouya is really easy and smooth for us because we have experience on Android. Ouya is a very indie-friendly console,  as part of the inide-dev community, we are looking forward Ouya will be the next big thing!

BTW, the official android version is in debugging, we will release it soon on Google Play.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2012 is about to end and we want to say “thank you” to all of our fans, thanks for your accompanying and support!

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